Fire Restoration Services

Fire damage can be catastrophic to your business.  GPS immediately responds to your fire damage call by securing the site as best as possible to prevent further damage closing off the damaged area.

We provide an on-site comprehensive damage assessment followed by the clean-up and salvage process.  

GPS Facilities is committed to completing the restoration effort in the most expeditious manner possible in order to reduce business interruption.  We will prioritize the restoration effort and formulate a plan around the business so the loss has as little impact on your property as possible.

With meticulous planning, and depending on the type of loss and safety issues involved, we can keep a facility in business during the entire restoration period. This type of forethought and planning can have a significant result when considering the ramifications of complete business shutdown.  

We provide digital photographs throughout the life cycle of the even and restoration so our clients can visualize the restoration project via mobile media while providing valuable insight for the insurance carriers.